How AI wasted half my day with the wrong decorator

Or, for future "self StackOverlow" purposes, how to fix PicklingError Can't pickle <function name> attribute lookup failedRead More →

One Year of Latent Space

Lessons (and memories) from going from 0 to 1M readers in 1 year with Latent Space.Read More →

From Syntax to Semantics

How LLMs are moving software engineering from a syntax-driven world to a semantics-driven one.Read More →

Enabling "Maximum Enterprise Utilization" with AI

A mental model to navigate the impact and value of AI in the enterprise.Read More →

Recommendations for your Italy trip

I get asked about this almost more often than startup advice.Read More →

My home podcast setup

Open sourcing smol-podcaster

LLaMA2 isn't "Open Source" - and why it doesn't matter

The TLDR is that impact > semantics, but the term "open source" shouldn't be hijackedRead More →

Launching an open source LangChainHub UI

LLMs for Developers

Some practical applications of LLMs for developer toolingRead More →

Fixing Papertrail "Tried to load unspecified class: ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone"

Investing in Drifting in Space

Quick overview of why I angel invested in the companyRead More →

San Francisco meeting spots

Some of the best spots to take a meeting, broken down by neighborhoodRead More →

The case for BYOD (Bring-your-own-data) applications

Linux Foundation Members Summit Talk on Open Source Monetization

Gave a talk about monetizing open source and posted the slides online.Read More →

OpenSea Exporter

Engineering Value Chain Revolution Newsletter

A comprehensive guide to the ever-changing landscape of developer tools, infrastructure software, and security, featuring insights from various industry founders.Read More →

Transforming software testing from a bottleneck to an enabler: our investment in Launchable

Markdown Examples

View examples of all possible Markdown options.Read More →

Next.js Pages

Learn more about Next.js pages.Read More →

History of Open Source Licensing

An in-depth exploration of the history, evolution, and future of open source software licensing, and its impact on commercialization and the cloud computing era.Read More →

The commoditization of business intelligence tools, the rise of 'embedded intelligence'

How can we help OSS maintainers of "Stadium" projects?

A deep dive into the challenges faced by maintainers of open source "Stadium" projects and potential solutions to help them manage their work more effectively.Read More →

Static code analysis tools, the future of code reviews, and our investment in DeepSource

Why machine learning falls short in early stage venture capital

Testing PaperTrail versions in RSpec using ActiveSupport TimeHelpers

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