Recommendations for your Italy trip

I grew up in Rome, so I'm often the first person people text when they plan a trip. I spent most of my time in Italy in front of a computer screen, so I don't have a super extensive list! There might be a lesson in there about appreciating what you have :)


Clearly the most important part of your trip. You can find really good pasta in the US, but really good pizza is actually hard. All of these places aren't in the touristy neighborhood, but worth the trip if you're close by for other reasons.

Fyi, Pizza in Rome is thin and crunchy, while Neapolitan pizza has a thicker crust and a softer dough. There's also "pinsa" which is another traditional Roman type of pizza.



Places to see

I'm assuming you've read on the basics (Colosseum, etc), here are some other options:

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